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Kenia - Seeking better ways of managing medical waste


16 billion injections are administered worldwide every year. Safely disposing of the needles and other waste from health care is a challenge because of the risk of infection...

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Namibia - Bontech to build first non-incineration medical waste treatment system in Windhoek

By New Era

The City of Windhoek is currently constructing two medical waste treatment facilities in the northern industrial area at a cost of N$50 million...

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Bahrain - A New Medical Waste Treatment System in KING HAMAD UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL


King Hamad University Hospital has started to treat the medical waste into general waste inhouse by using the new technology of medical waste treatment system (industrial autoclave) for the first time in Bahrain...

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UAE - No more medical waste on Sharjah streets

Until recently, clinics in Sharjah would dispose of medical waste in regular trash bins and shocked residents complained to Gulf News about finding bloodied bandages on secondary streets...

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Bondtech Corporation Fights Ebola

Somerset, KY - As the Ebola virus gains more and more attention overseas and throughout the US, medical facilities are scrambling for a way to take extra precautions in an attempt to keep the deadly virus at bay. Just last week, a Liberians man traveled through Brussels and Washington before finally being diagnosed with the Ebola virus in Dallas. He died from the virus shortly after, sparking even more national concern. 

"There may be a small outbreak because he did walk around with symptoms," said an infectious disease expert, Debra Spicehandler, at Northern Westchester Hospital in Mount Kisco, NY. "So we may see a few more cases related to him." The CDC highlights the importance of intense sterilization and precautions to prevent the virus from spreading any further.

Now, the President of Bondtech Corporation, Elsa J. Brown, stated that the outbreak of Ebola is quite alarming. �We are all at risk here - and we at Bondtech believe that aggressive methods should be put in place to stop this horrible virus from spreading into our neighborhood.�

In emergency situations, many hospitals and health facilities have protocols to follow, regarding the isolation and treatment of the infected patient. They have personal protective equipment, restrictions of visitation and the implementations of infections control measures, however, once their medical waste is disposed of, it needs to be handled and disposed of properly. Thatâ��s where Bondtech Corporation feels that they can help in a big way. 

Bondtech is the worldâ��s leader in the supply of autoclave systems. These autoclaves are used for the treatment of infectious waste, including the Ebola virus. They feel that right now, more than ever, they have a civil obligation to present some ideas regarding the proper implementation of infectious control. Knowledge is power, and the right education in medical waste disposal could mean the difference in creating a healthy establishment. Bondtech stresses the importance proper cleaning, segregation of all stained sheets, clothing, gauze, syringes and sterilization of medical instruments. Without the right sterilization, virus transmission can continue and most likely amplify an outbreak. Recently, some top experts have said that the Ebola virus is perhaps more easily spread than we think, so itâ��s now that Bondtech is coming forward with some critical tips to saying safe. Any hospital or medical care facility who has the ability to treat Ebola virus patients â�� or patients of other highly contagious or infectious diseases - should seriously consider autoclaving their medical waste to prevent the spreading of contagions. 

�Ebola is not spread through the air.� Said a spokesperson for the CDC, who then went on to explain that the deadly virus is actually spread though bodily fluids or direct contact. This means that clothing, medical utensils and any object that comes in contact with an infected patient needs to be highly sterilized. �Do not handle items that may have come in contact with an infected person�s blood or body fluids (such as clothes, bedding, needles, and medical equipment)� The CDC goes on to stress the importance of virus prevention in hospitals. �Practice proper infection control and sterilization measures.�

Bondtech Corporation has more than 30 years of experience in the field, and has been a pioneer in establishing autoclaves for the treatment of biological waste, using vacuum cycles for more efficiency. A company that battles infectious diseases on a daily basis now comes forward to take an initiative in assisting the eradication of the Ebola virus as well. This virus can spread and Bondtech is showing that they�re here to make sure that doesn�t happen.

Bondtech Corporation

The Bondtech Corporation brings together a line of high grade products and services for medical outlets of all types. The company produces, designs, engineers and builds autoclaves systems meant to sanitize all the waste materials that a running medical facility generates. Thus, if you require products and ensembles to dispose of infectious medical waste, this is the company to go to.

Medical waste treatment as envisioned by Bondtech is a branch of medical supply and medical services that is absolutely essential in enabling a medical organization to function properly. The company has a range of autoclaves, meant for smaller or larger spaces, all working to the specifications of the institution requiring them.

The past history of Bondtech in other high tech production industry allowed them a level of understanding and professionalism that is absolutely vital to producing great quality machinery, onto which the entire safety of a medical institution can rely upon. The medical wastes autoclaves are thus engineered and produced to fit the most stringent of demands and to always lead to the best of results.

Overall, the biomedical waste treatment achieved by Bondtech products has proven itself to be top of the class, to produce the same exceptional results every time and to be very well designed for using time and again.

The seal of approval from USDA for waste sterilization is not offered lightly and it sure is a very well deserved accolade for the company. Therefore, when you�re looking for a replacement biomedical waste treatment autoclave be sure to check out the official site of Bondtech at In spite of the overarching quality of their product line, the pricing remains competitive and the warrantee offered is unsurpassed. There are few other companies that can truly compete with Bondtech in terms of quality, craftsmanship and life expectation for the equipment. And now it can be a vital part of your medical clinic or hospital.

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Medical waste management has grown into a sophisticated industry market niche in the United States as well as various parts of the world. Worldwide education in health care occupational dangers from diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis and other pathogenic diseases have many countries developing and establishing regulations for implementing safe packaging, transportation and treatment of infectious waste.

In the United States, this industry is now over a decade old and currently all medical waste is managed in accordance U.S. environmental and occupational saftey regulations.
Regulations in the United States require that all medical waste must be properly treated and


Bondtech Corporation: Expere contracts making Bondtech Corporation the largest commercial medical waste manufacturer in the world.

bins and carts

Since 1983, Bondtech Corporation has specialized in the manufacturing and installation of autoclave systems. Bondtech has designed, engineered, and manufactured autoclave systems for technical industries such as medical waste, foreign food/agricultural waste, aerospace composites, glass lamination, rubber vulcanizing, wood treating, yarn setting and many other technical applications.
Bondtech autoclave systems are currently operating at several facilities owned and operated by the world's largest medical waste service company, Browning Ferris Industry. In addition, there are commercial and hospital installations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, India and Korea.

State of the art Technology

Bondtech offers state of the art autoclave systems capable of high vacuum and high pressure. Bondtech's autoclave systems are custom designed to meet customers' specifications and are capable of processing from 115 kg (250 Lbs.) or 1.81 cubic yards to 2,727 kg (6,000 Lbs.) or 43.52 cubic yards/cycle.
The autoclave system is designed as a batch load process to minimize labor cost. Once the medical waste is batch loaded into the autoclave, the operator simply pushes a start button and a complete automated medical waste sterilization cycle is activated.
The cycle starts with a high vacuum (prevacuum) process to prepare the medical waste for effective steam penetration. Thereafter, the medical waste is subjected to high pressure steam achieving a temperature of 150 degrees Celcius (300 deg F). The high prevacuum and high pressure ensures that the medical waste is completely sterilized (log6 reduction or greater of Bacullus Stearothermophilus). After the high pressure/high temperature process, the autoclave is vented and the steam is condensed. A second high vacuum (post vacuum) completely removes the residual steam and moisture. The post vacuum enhances operator worker safety ensuring that no steam is emitted exposing the worker once the autoclave door is opened. In addition, the post vacuum and steam condensation system prevents the generation of undesired odors and maintains the treated medical waste dry.

Proven & Reliable Medical Waste Treatment System

Bondtech Corporation has proven to be an industry leader in providing environmentally sound state of the art medical waste treatment systems to customers all over the world. Through its 15 years of operation at high volume commercial facilities, Bondtech has satisfactorily proven the reliability, durability and medical waste treatment effictiveness of the Bondtech high vacuum/high pressure autoclave systems.
  • Pretreatment shredding is NOT required. To maximize landfill space, autoclaved medical waste can be safely compacted to achieve 60% volume reduction. Further reduction can be realized by installation of an optional shredder.
  • Various capacities available, custom designed to customer's needs.
  • Today, landfills across the world accept autoclaved medical waste. Medical waste that is properly steam autoclaved is rendered noninfectious and safe for disposal at sanitary landfills.
  • Proven installations, 15 years in operation.
  • Effective Treatment, Log6 or greater reduction of Bacillus Stearothermophilus.
  • High Vacuum System, prevents steam exposure to operators and prevents wetting of waste.
Le domaine du traitement des déchets médicaux s'est constitué une niche sophistiquée sur le marché de l'industrie aux Etats-Unis et dans d'autres parties du monde. L'éducation au niveau mondial en ce qui concerne les dangers auxquels les professionnels des soins de santé sont exposés en raison de maladies comme le SIDA, l'hépatite et autres affections pathogènes a poussé de nombreux pays à développer et établir des réglements assurant l'emballage, le transport et le traitement sans danger de déchets médicaus infectieus. Aux Etats-Unis, cette industrie a pris son essor depuis dix ans et actuellement, tous les déchets médicaux sont traités conformément aux règlements américains concernant l'environnement et la sécurité au travail.
Les règlements américains exigent que tous les déchets médicaux soient correctement traités et rendus non infectieux avant leur rejet final dans une décharge contrôlée. Au début des années 80, l'incinération était la méthode de choix quant au traitement des déchets médicaux. Toutefois, en rai
cteux de l'environment dont un projet complet de conception et formation se rapportant au traitement des déchets médicaux. Les autoclaves sont devenus la technique de traitement des déchets médicaux la plus populointe Bondtech a produit des systèmes d'autoclave ultra-perfectionnés capables de vide poussé et de haute pression. Ces systèmes sont conçus spécialement pour répondre aux spécifications particulières des clients et sont capables de traiter de 115 kg (250 livres ou 1,81 yards cube) à 2,727 kg (6,000 livres ou 43,52 yards cube) par cycle.
Le système d'autoclave fonctionne selon un processus de charge par lot permettant de minimiser les coûts en main-d'oeuvre. Une fois que les déchets médicaux sont chargés par lot dans l'autoclave, il suffit à l'opérateur de pousser un bouton de d'emarrage pour activer un cycle de stérilisation des déchets complètement automatisé.
Le cycle commence par un traitement à vide poussé (à vide préalable) permettant de préparer les déchets médicaux à une pénétration efficace de la vapeur. Ils sont ensuite soumis à une vapeur à haute pression atteignant une température de 150°C. Le vide poussé et la pression élevée assurent la stérilisation complète des déchets médicaux (à une réduction log6 ou plus élevée du Bacillus Stearothermophilus). A la fin de ce processus de pression et de température élevées, l'autoclave est aéré et la vapeur est condensée. Un second cycle de vide poussé (second vide) élimine complétement la vapeur et l'humidité résiduelles. Le second vide améliore la sécurité de l'opérateur en assurant l'absence d'émissions de vapeur auxquelles il pourrait être exposé une fois que la porte de l'autoclave est ouverte. En outre, le système de second vide et de condensation de vapeur empêche le développement d'odeurs indésirables et maintient les déchets médicaux traités à l'état sec.

Un système de traitement de déchets médicaux prouvé et fiable

Bondtech Corporation a démontré qu'elle était le leader de l'industrie en fournissant des systémes de traitement de déchets médicaux ultra-sophistiqués et écologiquement rationnels à ses clients mondiaux. Au cours de ses 15 années d'opération dans des unines commerciales à gros volume, Bondtech a démontré de manière satisfaisante la fiabilité, la durabilité et l'efficacité du traitement des déchets médicaux au moyen de ses systémes d'autoclave à vide poussé et à pression élevée.
  • Il n'est PAS nécessaire de procéder à un broyage préalable. Afin de maximiser l'espace de décharge, les déchets médicaux autoclavés peuvent être compactés sans danger pour obtenir une réduction de volume de 60%. On peut obtenir une réduction supplémentaire en installant un broyeur optionnel.
  • Plusieurs capacités possibles, système conçu selon les besoins du client.
  • Aujourd'hui, les décharges mondiales acceptent les déchets médicaux autoclavés. Les déchets correctement passés à l'autoclave à vapeur sont rendus non infectieux et ne posent pas de risque quant à leur rejet sur des sites de décharge contrôlés.
  • Installations prouvées, 15 ans d'expérience industrielle.
  • Traitement efficace, à une réduction log6 ou plus élevée du Bacillus Stearothermophilus.
  • Le système de vide poussé évite aux opérateurs d'être exposés à la vapeur et assure que les déchets sont secs.
El control de residuos médicos se ha convertido en una industria sofisticada que se ha impuesto en el mercado estadounidense y en varias partes del mundo. La educación a nivel mundial sobre los peligros ocupacionales de la industria del cuidado de la salud debido a enfermedades como el SIDA, la hepatitis y otras enfermedades patógenas, ha hecho que muchos países establezcan reglamentos para poner en práctica medidas de seguridad para el embalaje, el transporte y el traitamiento de residuos médicos infecciosos. En Estados Unidos, esta industria tiene ya más de una década de existencia y en la actualidad todos los residuos médicos son manejados de acuerdo con reglamentos de seguridad ocupacional y para la protección del medio ambiente.
En Estados Unidos los reglamentos exigen que todos los residuos médicos sean tratados debidamente y clasificados como no infecciosos antes de su eliminación final en vertederos sanitarios. A principios de la década de los ochenta, la incineración era el método usual para el tratamiento de residuos médicos. No obstante, debido a la Ley Estadounidense de Pureza del Aire y protestas organizadas por grupos de protección del medio ambiente, los in
rosos y programas de capacitación en control de residuos médicos. El tratamiento en autoclaves se ha convertido en la tecnología de tratamiento de residuos médicos más popular. Desde 1990, más del 90% de los permisos para instalaciones de tratamiento de

residuos médicos han sido emitidos para sistemas de tratamiento en autoclaves. El 90% de los contratos fueron asignados a Bondtech Corporation, lo que la convierte en el fabricante comercial de productos para residuos médicos más grande del mundo.
Desde 1983, Bondtech Corporation se ha especializado en la fabricación e instalación de sistemas de tratamiento en autoclaves. Bondtech ha diseñado, realizado y fabricado sistemas de tratamiento en autoclaves para industrias técnicas como la de residuos médicos, residuos de alimentos y de agricultura de otros países, compuestos aeroespaciales, laminado de vidrio, vulcanización de caucho, tratamiento de la madera, estabilización de hilados teñidos y muchas otras aplicaciones técnicas.
Los sistemas de autoclave de Bondtech se encuentran actualmente funcionando en instalaciones propiedad de Browning Ferris Industry, la compañía de control de residuos médicos más grande del mundo, que ésta opera. Además, hay instalaciones comerciales y en hospitales en diferentes regiones de Estados Unidos, Canadá, México, Perú, Argentina, Arabia Saudita, India y Corea.

Technología avanzada

Bondtech ofrece los más avanzados sistemas de autoclave con capacidad para alto vacío y alta presión. Los sistemas de tratamiento en autoclaves de Bondtech se diseñan de acuerdo con las especificaciones de los clientes y tiene capacidad para procesar de 115 kg (250 lbs.) o 1.81 yardas cúbicas a 2,727 kg (6,000 lbs.) o 43.53 yardas cúbicas/ciclos.
El sistema de tratamiento en autoclave ha sido diseñado como un proceso de tratamiento por lotes, para minimizar el costo de la mano de obra. Una vez que un lote de residuos médicos ha sido introducidos en el autoclave, el operador sólo tiene que oprimir un botón para activar un ciclo completo automático de esterilización de residuos médicos.
El ciclo comienza con un proceso de alto vacío (prevacío) para preparar los residuos médicos para una penetración de vapor efectiva. Posteriormente, los residuos médicos son sometidos a la acción de vapor de alta presión, con una temperatura de hasta 150 grados Celsio (300 grados F.). El alto vacío (prevacío) y la alta presión aseguran la total esterilización de los residuos médicos (con una reducción de log6 o mayor de bacilos estearotermófilos). Después del proceso de alto vacío/alta presión, se ventila el autoclave y se condensa el vapor. Un segundo proeso de alto vacío (postvacío) elimina totalmente el vapor y la humedad residuales. El postvacío aumenta la seguridad del operador asegurando que no haya

residuos médicos tratados

ninguna emisión de vapor a la que el trabajador pueda estar expuesto al abrir la puerta del autoclave. Además, el sistema de postvacío y condensación de vapor evita la generación de olores desagradables y mantiene seco los residuos médicos tratados.

Sistema comprobado y confiable de tratamiento de residuos médicos

Bondtech Corporation ha demonstrado ser un líder en la industria por su capacidad de facilitar sistemas avanzados de tratamiento de residuos médicos a sus clients en todo el mundo. Durante sus 15 años de operación en instalaciones commerciales con altos volúmenes de residuos, Bondtech ha demonstrado satisfactoriamente que sus sistemas de tratamiento en autoclaves con alto vacío/alta presión son confiables, durables y eficaces para el tratamiento de residuos médicos.
  • NO se requiere trituración antes del tratamiento. Para maximizar el espacio en los vertederos, los residuos médicos tratados en autoclave pueden ser compactados sin peligro para lograr una reducción de volumen del 60%. Se pueden lograr reducciones de volumen aún mayores instalando trituradores opcionales.
  • Hay varias capacidades disponibles, de acuerdo con las necesidades de cada cliente.
  • En la actualidad, los vertederos en todo el mundo aceptan residuos médicos tratados en autoclaves. Los residuos médicos que han sido debidamente sometidos a la acción del vapor en autoclaves se consideran no infecciosos e inofensivos para ser eliminados en vertederos.
  • Instalaciones comprobadas, 15 años de experiencia.
  • Tratamiento efectivo, reducción de bacilos estearotermófilos de log6 o más.
  • Sistema de alto vacío, evita la exposición al vapor de los operadores y que se humedezcan los residuos.
Reprinted with permission Waste Internationale Magazine, Volume II (pg.31-34)
© 1998 Gateway Publishing


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