BST Pre-Shred Autoclave/Shredder

BST Pre-Shred Autoclave/Shredder System
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The Bondtech BST Pre-Shred Autoclave/Shredder System is designed for hospitals and small medical waste treatment plants and it is modularized for installation in small area. Our new system is composed of an autoclave and shredder integrated in a pressure/vacuum vessel. Heavy-duty design assures long lifetime.
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Key Features:

The shredder has a patented technology for easily disassembly - There is no need of a hoisting device when performing maintenance. Remote monitoring are also available.


Shredding prior to sterilization. 1.Loading 2.Pre-vacuum 3.Shredding 4.Sterilization 5.Cooling 6.Draining 7.Post-vacuum 8.Unloading

Hospitals, clinics and medical waste treatment facilities.

Shredding and sterilization in a closed and compact system, built-in shredder easy to disassemble.

Features and advantages:

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