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TEC Composite Autoclave 

Specifications: Thermal Equipment NB# 68

Contact: Elsa Brown    Phone: 606-677-2616

Designed and manufactured in strict accordance to the ASME and the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors code.

Interior Dimensions:  72” ID x 12’ Deep

General Dimensions:   90” ID x 14.5 Long

Maximum Pressure:   350 PSI

Maximum Temperature:   650 Deg. F.

Heat Source:   Natural Gas

National Board:  Certified #68

Serial:  #281

Date of Manufacturing: 1985

Cooling: Cooling Towers Included

Electrical controls and Recorders: ACCS-98 Ver 1.3 Software. Thermal Process Control System for New Millenium. ACCS Back up Autoclave Software...Switch Gear

Compressor and Vacuum System: Vacuum pump & Air Compressor

Fan: Electric Fan & Encapsulated Motor

Miscellaneous: (2) Carts, (1) stack & muffler (roof), (2) outside high pressure tanks, (1) air compressor, plus any additional components pertaining to the autoclave system

Sales price: $250,000.00 AS IS, WHERE IS