Bondtech Autoclave for Rubber Industry

Bondech Co. has been serving the needs of the retreading tire industry since 1983 Bondtech doesn't just sell machinery, we custom manufacture to specification, rebuild existing machinery, and service all brands of equipment, even our competitors.

Bondtech Autoclaves Features:

Heating Systems
 Indirect Heat : Electric or Indirect Steam
 Direct Heat : Direct Steam
Quick Opening Door
 Hydraulic powered door for quick and save open/lock
 Locking ring rotation only – Extends gasket life
 O-ring gasket – Long lasting
 No air system required for gasket seal
Basic Temperature/Pressure Controls
 Prepackaged in C/S Nema 12 Enclosure
 24 hour circular chart recorder
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
 Maximum flexibility to program autoclave process cycle
 Optimization of autoclave cycle for desired results
 Effective tool for achieving high quality products
 Modem hookup capabilities
Custom Engineering
 In-house Engineering
 Customize Engineering Capabilities
 Manufactured to your special capabilities
Quality Control and Safety
 ASME & National Board Certified
 Safety interlocks
 Safety relief valve
 Complete acceptance testing prior to shipment
 Engineers available for on-line technical support

Dont forget, Bondtech offers:

▪ Turnkey projects
▪ One stop turnkey equipment supply and installation
▪ Many accessories, carts, bags, liners, etc.
▪ All support to get your system running
▪ Assistance to keep it in perfect operation
▪ Engineering, maintenance, and consulting.
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