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Sharps Line Reusable Medical Waste Containers
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Sharps Containers, Lids and Wall Mounts

BONDTECH offers a comprehensive product line for institutional waste handling. Whether for point of use, bulk collection or transport packaging, BONDTECH containers will provide long lasting, cost effective solutions for handling hospital waste and linens. Our tough container safely stores and ships infectious medical waste. Made of high density polyethylene, there are resistant to punctures, chemicals and harsh cleaning agents, Its user-friendly design makes it easy to handle, and is sized to cube out truck space. Also, there are compatible with a variety of lifter systems which makes handling simple and efficient and reduces on-the-job injuries. We guarantee its quality and performance for one year. These units meet or exceed all E.P.A., O.S.H.A. and D.O.T guidelines.

Sharp Container Two gallon

Autoclave Unit, Cart, and Shredder

Sharp Container Three gallon

Autoclave Medical

Canteen Style Lid

Waste autoclaves
Mailbox Flipper Lid Waste autoclaves
Wall Mounts Waste autoclaves

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  • Turnkey projects
  • One stop turnkey equipment supply and installation
  • Many accessories, carts, bags, liners, etc. to get your system running, or keep it in perfect operation
  • Engineering, maintenance, and consulting
  • Medical waste treatment
  • Medical waste autoclaves
  • Medical waste units
  • Medical waste high temperature liners
  • Medical waste disposal
  • Medical waste bags
  • Medical waste DOT containers
  • Medical waste containers
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