Custom Bio-Hazard Red Bags

Get the bag you want when you want it! Bondtech is your choice manufacturer of redbag and other poly bags. Our facility allows Bondtech to create the bag of your choice. We can provide custom size, color, thickness, or print you may need.

The Bondtech bags provide several advantages:

� Reduce cost by getting the right bag for the right purpose.
� Have your bags packaged the way you need them.
  - On a roll
  - In individual packets
  - In a box
� Get the right size! Bags that fit your containers.
� Buy only the features you need on your bags.
� Get your bags when you need them.
� No labor required to remove waste debris.
Bondtech bags are custom made to meet our customer specifications. Gauge, printed or un-printed, temperature strips, color, etc. are optional features.

� Cart Liners
� Autoclavable Bags
� Dispoz-A-Phone

Dont forget, Bondtech offers:

� Turnkey projects
� One stop turnkey equipment supply and installation
� Many accessories, carts, bags, liners, etc.
� All support to get your system running
� Assistance to keep it in perfect operation
� Engineering, maintenance, and consulting.
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