Composites, Glass Laminating and Aerated Concrete Autoclave Systems

Bondtech Co. serving the Industry with Quality Autoclave System Bondtech is a full service company designing, engineering and manufacturing autoclaves systems, with material handling, for technical industries such as aerospace composites, glass lamination, aerated concreted, rubber vulcanizing, wood treating, yarn setting and many other applications.

Design Features Bondtech is a sole supplier of new and refurbished autoclaves and pressure vessels. The single source capability represents direct control starting with coordinated mechanical and metallurgical design through the final test of the complete system. When reconditioning an existing system, Bondtech uses the most advanced technology to bring the autoclave up to today's standards. When the autoclave is completed, the unit will not only look like new, but it will also perform and last like a new unit. When refurbishing a unit, we will take into consideration our customer's unique requirements as well as budget considerations.

Engineering Design Bondtech manufactures integrated systems to meet the specifications of the processing industries. Bondtech's versatility in refurbishing existing autoclave systems makes the Corporation a leader in the industry.

Bondtech's Standards

All of our autoclaves, new or used, will have the highest manufacturing standards, and will be fabricated in accordance with the following qualified codes:
� ASME Section VIII, Division I, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
� ASTM - American Society for Testing Materials
� AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction
� National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors "R" stamp

Bondtech's Advantages:

� State-of-the-art
� Cost Savings
� Custom Design
� Modifications and Repairs
� Immediate Response and Service
� Shorter Manufacturing Leadtime
� Single Source
� High Quality

Dont forget, Bondtech offers:

� Turnkey projects
� One stop turnkey equipment supply and installation
� Many accessories, carts, bags, liners, etc.
� All support to get your system running
� Assistance to keep it in perfect operation
� Engineering, maintenance, and consulting.
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