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1' ft. ( 613/16 in.) diameter, 2' ft. ( 5" in. ) length, 710 PSI pressure, 600 Deg. F temperature
Contact: Elsa Brown    Phone: 606-677-2616

Manufacturer: Bondtech Corporation

National Board #: 753

Size: 18" x 24" deep (work space) vertical

Design Pressure: 710 PSIG  Operating Pressure: 700 PSIG

Design Temperature: 600 Deg. F

Material: Carbon steel with electroless nickel coating

Door: Manual bolted (24 nuts) door to access work space; hydraulic arm to lift up and rotate to clear work space.

Insulation: External insulation to minimize heat loss and operator hazard

Heating: Externally mounted strip heaters rated at 36 KW, 480 V/3 phase.

Cooling: Accomplished by microprocessor causing cooling inlet solenoid valve to pen, allowing cooling water to flow through tubing to transfer heat from pressure vessel.

Vacuum: One 1/2" npt vacuum source in work zone. 

Controls: Nema 12 control panel with connection requirement of 480 v, 3 phase, power and yokigama UT 35 microprocessor with programmable controller, temperature hi-limit controller, all required relays, contactors, starters, pushbuttons, indicator lamps, fusing and overload protection.

Thermocouple: One thermocouple, vessel mounted to provide input to hi-limit controller.

Heat up rate: 770 Deg. F to 500 Deg. F in 30 minutes or less

Supports: Supports for internal shelving

Misc. ASME Code vessel, National Board certified.

This system is a second hand autoclave built in 1994 and it is a pressure vessel mounted on a skid, with a vacuum pump and control panel attached.  The 18" diameter workspace is 24" deep and has supports for internal shelving.  The autoclave is vertically oriented with all piping and wiring.  A manual door to access the work zone is included.  To open will require a number of nuts to be removed and then a hydraulic cylinder will be operated to lift off and swing the door.

The heaters are externally mounted strip heaters mounted around the circumference of the pressure vessel.  They are rated 36KW, 480 V, 3 phase, and sized for heating. 

Cooling is accomplished with tubing attached to the exterior of the pressure vessel through which water and air flow. 

The Control System is a Nema 12 control panel attached to the unit.

National Board #:  753